Camp & Youth Programs

The Museum is pleased to offer fun and engaging programs, as well as discounted group admissions rates, to non-profit youth groups and camp programs.

If you are bringing a group as part of an academic, school-based program, please visit our school groups program page for information on curricularly-aligned education programs for students in grades 1-12.

Self-guided visit

90 minutes (recommended), 10-75 participants, $7/child (ages 5-17)
Up to one adult chaperone per five children is admitted free of charge

Groups will receive an introduction from a Museum educator and then are invited to explore any of the Museum’s general admission exhibits with their accompanying adult chaperones.

Self-guided visit & Kids' Matinee

90 minutes-3 hours, 10-75 participants, $10/child (ages 5-17)
Groups explore the Museum's general admission exhibits with their accompanying adult chaperones and watch a kids' movie on the big screen. Contact us for schedule and details.

Behind the Screen Tour

60 minutes, 10-60 participants, $10/child (ages 9 & up)
Groups learn about how moving images are made, and how they work. Under the guidance of a Museum Educator, students actively explore and discuss artifacts and artworks, and experiment with hands-on interactive experiences and demonstrations. The tour touches on art, history, and technology, as students explore everything from Victorian-era optical toys to digital editing techniques. This program serves as an ideal introduction to the Museum and its collection.

Behind the Screen Tour & Kids' Matinee

3 hours, 10-60 participants, $14/child (ages 9 & up)
Groups participate in a Museum Educator-led guided tour of the Museum's core exhibition and watch a kids' movie on the big screen. Contact us for schedule and details.

Behind the Screen Tour & Workshop

90 minutes, 10-30 participants, $14/child (ages 9-12)
Groups build on their experiences of a guided tour of the Museum’s core exhibition, and engage in hands-on experiences that help them understand the science that underlies our perception of moving images. Students create their own thaumatrope, a Victorian-era optical toy, to take home with them.

The Jim Henson Exhibition: Guided Tour & Workshop

45–60 minutes (recommended), 10-65 participants, $10/child for 60-minute tour or $14/child for two-hour tour and workshop (includes timed reservation fee)
In this inquiry-based tour of The Jim Henson Exhibition, students explore the creative genius and legacy of Jim Henson, which includes puppets, character sketches, scripts, interactive experiences, and costumes from the worlds of Sesame Street, The Muppet Show, Fraggle Rock, and more. Grades 1–5 can select an optional supplementary Charter Design Workshop inspired by the concept of the Anything Muppets, a modular system used to design extra characters in Sesame Street. For Grades 6–12, the Museum offers a supplementary Storyboarding Workshop in which students explore design-thinking through advertising agency exercises modeled after Henson's early work for television.

Reservations are required for all group visits. When you are ready to schedule your visit, please read through these frequently asked questions and book here.